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Book Your Seat In Shared Taxi

Find and book your seat in a taxi which already booked by other travellers. Then share taxi cost with them.

For Travellers

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Invite Others to Share a Taxi

If you already booked a taxi, make an offer for others to join with your journey for shared seats and reduce cost.

For Travellers

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Find Reasonable Return Taxi

Find and book return/empty taxi for reasonable price and use as private or shared, you can offer seats also later.

For Travellers

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Earn Extra From Return Ride

Publish return/empty taxi ride with fair price for travellers. You can earn extra from return ride also.

For Taxi Divers

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What is ? is Platform for submit Taxi Share and Return Taxi Offers to connect Drivers and Travelers.

Register free in Taxipool as a traveler or taxi driver. After that travelers can post their taxi share offers free with contact details. That offers will be shown in the search page according to pick up place and date. Taxi drivers can publish their any type of taxi offers with pickup, drop off locations, date, price and other details. That also display on our search pages which visitors can find it by location and dates. Then they can get your contact details after send booking request message online to you (this message show in driver’s dashboard) and should confirm it through your contact details. Commissions may apply only for successful rides after verify it from driver as well as travelers who booked. Collect payment when you meet travelers. We don’t charge from travelers. It is responsibility of both parties. We are just doing only connect travelers and drivers.

What is Return/Empty Taxi Offers

Usually most of taxi drivers, after complete transfer job ,get paid and comeback to their base city without any passengers(empty vehicle). But if we can connect travellers to that taxi drivers who are looking for travel to that city it will be benefitable for both side. Because travellers can book taxi for reasonable price. Taxi drivers can earn extra income when they return to start city. Not only that it will eco friendly and in efficient manner. So in here platform taxi drivers can publish their return journey and travellers can search and contact with them. Travelers don't misuse this by requesting taxi for cheap unfair prices. Taxi drivers also should maintain demand of service. Otherwise you will be banned from this platform without any notification.

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what is Taxi share Seat sharing in srilanka

What is Taxi share/Seat booking option

Travellers can share their already booked taxi with other travellers who need to travel for same destinations and reduce their cost. Taxi may be return taxi or normal taxi. But in both way you can share seats with others and reduce travelling cost. In our platform travellers can publish "Offer Seat" request after they book a taxi. Then others can search those with destinations and pickup location. After that they can book seats. and contact traveller wwho booked that taxi and can complete journey together.

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Travelllers' Benefits.

Find Taxi with location and many filters.

Low cost use, return taxi. (Don't request for unfair cheap price)

Join with share taxi to reduce cost.

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Taxi Driver's Benefits.

Register and Earn with return journey also.

Your offer your price. (Don't put cheap, maintain your demand)

High traffic more customers.

Latest Driver Taxi Offers

Ranjith Dissanayake
"Time is flexible"
You can share this taxi

Mirissa To CMB Airport
9000.00 (Rs රුපියල්)

Latest Taxi Share Offers

Sorry Currently No any Taxi share Offers available

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